If you’re looking for some inspiration you should definitely check out this talks, they cover many areas of design, lifestyle and more! Also there is a bonus at the end. Enjoy!

3 ways good design makes you happy” by Don Norman

Happy Design” by Stefan Sagmeister

Simplicity Sells” by David Pogue

Finds Design In The Detail” by Paul Bennett

“How Great Design Makes Ideas New” by Milton Glaser

6- “How to build your creative confidence” by David Kelley

7- “Designing for simplicity” by John Maeda

8- “Design and destiny” by Philippe Starck

9- “A Darwinian Theory Of  Beauty” by Denis Dutton

10- “How great leaders inspire action” by Simon Sinek

-Bonus ;) : Three great talks about CSS!

 -Thinking beyond“Scalable CSS”

- Web Components & the Future of CSS

-3.14 things I didn’t know about CSS