Every year, month and week there are new and better additions to the design communities, from new resources like textures and brushes to new design trends making the rounds. The amount and diversity of technology available today is unbelievable, as a web designer you need creativity and out of the box thinking, and the use of some apps must be required to get the job done.

We hope this list will remind you of what is out there, and perhaps inspire you to begin using some of the apps, to make your workflow much easier.

Paletton Color Scheme Designer

A simple app to experiment with different color palettes and combinations. A really easy way to create a color scheme

What The Font

An amazing font matching tool that gets you close to the font that you might have found, it gives you the ability to quickly scan an image to find what kind of a font it is.

Website Speed

Test your speed from multiple locations across the world, it will give you the exact response time it took to load the page.


Shrink your .png or . jpg files without loosing transparency!

CSS Desk

If you like to make a lot of tweaks this tool is the perfect sandbox and doesn’t require of you to signup


Now creating invoices becomes an easy task, it also has additional features such as time tracking and expense tracking. The Free trial last 30 days.

Be Funky 

A Great Image editor, that can save you a lot of time without loading heavy tools. It has ton of features and is completely free.

iPhone and iPad Apps

Adobe Photoshop Express

A great and free app that has some of the features of its expensive big brother


Create wire-frames and layouts of interfaces for Web, iPhone and iPad applications

Inkflow Visual Notebook

Get your thoughts down in a cooler way, the app is described as being a word processor for visual thinking and visual thinkers and it’s free!


Carry around the Original Typeface Compendium!