As the year starts, we want to welcome an all new Pixel2HTML!

At Pixel2HTML we love coding awesome websites and helping our lovely clients getting their products come to life in the form of code. As many of you might be aware this is some sort of voyage with ups and downs and sometimes difficult decissons to be made.

About 6 months ago we started rethinking our own brand and website, the idea was to give a fresh look to our existing brand and also the difficult taks of crafting a new website. We thought that the best go-to strategy was to work with an awesome design studio. So we hired Aerolab, an award winning, to help us with this task.

So after several months of meetings, sketches, illustrations and other planning and brainstorming sessions we’re proud to introduce our new and fresh website!

We are proud to present new sections of our website such as Our Approach and Our Team’s page in where you will find more information about us and our culture.

Hope you like the new design and we’ll certainly love to hear some feedback about it! Just give us a shoutout at Twitter @Pixel2HTML and don’t forget to follow us for great news and links about design and development.